Five Actions To Take Before Your Next Presentation

You’re scheduled for a presentation. Maybe presenting to a few decision-makers, perhaps speaking to a larger audience. Either way, positive actions beforehand can make you a stronger presenter.

Is Your Predecessor Preventing Your Success? 5 Tips For Leaders Starting A New Job.

During your first few days at a new job, you spend plenty of time learning about the business of your new employers, meeting lots of new people, and diving into how things get done currently in your new department. And that’s when you start to learn about how things were before you got there.

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Rebranding a Corporate Law Firm

Longtime friend of InSource, Brandie Knox, who is the principal and creative director of Knox Design Strategy, shared a recent successful case study with us. Knox has an interesting career...

How A Consulting Mindset Will Take Your Department From Order-Takers To Creative Problem-Solving Rock-Stars!

Use elements of a consulting mindset to take your department from order-takers to creative problem-solving rock-stars!

Your Guide to Building the Best Creative Team

Attention employers: Building a great creative team doesn't have to be a challenge. Knowing that the process is part art, part science will keep you on track. I recently spoke at the HOW Design...

Avoid Employee Turnover: How to Tell if You're Losing a Top Performer

Employees who feel underappreciated, underpaid or unchallenged are big flight risks. Absenteeism, social withdrawal, a decline in work habits and a negative attitude are warning signs an...
Disengaged Employees? It Might Be The Leader, Not The Job.

Disengaged Employees? It Might Be The Leader, Not The Job.

As any experienced leader can tell you, motivating your team to perform at their highest level of achievement can be a real challenge. When you encounter a disengaged employee – exemplified by degraded performance, decreased team participation, and poor attendance –...

April InSource Opinion Poll: Hiring Challenges

April InSource Opinion Poll: Hiring Challenges

Take InSource’s one-minute poll on issues creative leaders care about. We’ll report the results from your peers in about two weeks on the InSource website. Poll not appearing correctly? Click here to take it directly on the survey site. Create your own user feedback...

“HOW TO” – Exclusive interview with Michael Bierut – Part 3

“HOW TO” – Exclusive interview with Michael Bierut – Part 3

In our final interview with Michael Beirut he shared some solid advice: “You don’t learn anything by talking; you learn by listening”. Robin: “You’ve been managing design staff for the bulk of your career. Any management advice or tips for the design managers and...

I Am In-House: Alex Center

Our in-house profile this month is on the Design Director responsible for vitaminwater, smartwater and POWERade as part of the global design team at Coca-Cola. Alex responds to our questions and shares with InSource his insights and passion for being an...

Can’t Find The Right Image?

After searching and searching for weeks for a global image to depict a particular industry to align with our new brand, we were still coming up with nothing that would stick.

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