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Steve Benfield
Marketing Creative Director

Company Name: SAS Institute Inc.

I joined SAS in Aug. 2001 as a design manager. Within a year, I was promoted to Creative Services Director, which included print, Web, and video graphic design. A year later, I was asked to take on writing services for print and Web deliverables. Prior to SAS, I worked in the telecommunications industry for 22 years where I held various electrical engineering positions which supported my passion–freelance graphic design. In 1989, my two careers came together when I was asked to manage a customer briefing center that brought new multimedia technology and environmental design together to create, at that time, a unique customer presentation experience.

  1. What is the best thing about working in-house?

    Working in-house allows a creative professional to become more immersed in the business in a way that leads to greater, richer creativity and value for internal clients and the business in general. Being inside allows greater access to information and people that often is not available to external agencies. With this access comes the opportunity to be more proactive rather than reactive.

  2. What types of projects does your department do?

    We provide full creative service to our marketing partners. This includes a long list of writing and design projects for print and Web. The broad stroke is brand standards, advertising, marketing publications, product collateral, promotion and event collateral, interactive tours and trade show / environmental media. If you want the detailed list, send me an e-mail. We produced around 11,000 deliverables in 2005.

  3. What keeps you motivated and inspired in your job?

    If you asked those who know me, they will likely tell you that I’m a servant leader. I’m very much motivated by seeing others succeed, by removing obstacles for others and coaching for improved performance, productivity and quality. I’m also motivated by seeing the results of our creative efforts and the excitement from our executives and marketing partners.

  4. What do you consider the biggest success of your in-house career?

    There have been several successes that I’m proud of. In 2003, two years after joining SAS, our team won the American Business Award for Best Creative Organization in the U.S. Also just last week (14-Apr), our CMO signed-off on our updates to our identity system and new directions for corporate collateral. It sound simple, but this is a big deal for a company our size.

  5. What are you currently reading, watching and listening to?

    Watching this season’s leading contender on American Idol, Chris Daughtry. I played bass in a band with Chris for about a year, leading worship at a church. It was a rocking church service. Reading “Whale Done.” Listening to jazz and big band tunes to prepare for playing bass at a Prom for special needs kids—those who don’t have the opportunity to join in the regular proms at their high schools.

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