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Barry Sanel

Company Name: Barry Sanel Packaging Advisors

With over 20 years printing and packaging experience, as the art director & prepress manager for CCL Label during the 90’s, Barry Sanel worked his way into the creative services department at Snapple Beverage Group, which was sold to Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages in late 2000. Starting as the packaging manager, working on the Mistic Iced Tea line, Barry eventually lead the packaging strategic and execution direction of Stewart’s Root Beer, Orangina, Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink, Mott’s Apple Sauce & Juice, ReaLemon, IBC Root Beer, Orange Crush and Nantucket Nectars.

During his tenure at Cadbury Schweppes, he was responsible for hiring design agencies, giving design direction, budgeting, senior leadership briefing and printing execution for re-branding and product line strategy campaigns as well as ensuring compliance with all food labeling regulations

After leaving CSAB, Barry decided to form Barry Sanel Packaging Advisors, a company that bridges the sometimes large gap between design and printing management. Serving CPG companies, Design & Branding firms and printing companies.


  1. What types of projects are you working on these days as a team?

    Lately, I am attending press runs for a major beer company who cannot afford to have marketing managers out of the office in remote locations. I am also working with some beverage companies in the UK and Mexico who want to bring their products to the US market.

  2. What is the best thing about working as an in-house creative team?

    The best thing is being able to bring an unbiased perspective to packaging projects. All too often, great designs are sold to senior leadership teams without giving a second thought to the printing process. Sometimes the beauty comp looks vastly different from production. Even worse than that is the occasion when an effect can be produced, but raises the expense of the item beyond budget. This is especially true when trying to incorporate innovation or printing with limited processes, such as aluminum can or corrugate printing.

  3. Tell us about a current project that your team considers to be a great success.

    The Nantucket Nectars and Stewart’s Root Beer redesign, Mott’s for Tots, and the redesign of the Mott’s Plus line while at CSAB.

  4. How does your team recognize success?

    Success is measured by building long-term relationships with my clients. Using sustainability as a yardstick, I like to reduce cost or materials in such a way that it pays for my cost to the client.

  5. What publications and incentives are available in your workplace to keep your team motivated and inspired?

    Packaging Digest, Packaging World, GD USA, BevNet Innovation, Beverage World, BrandDesign, Beverage Spectrum, Entrepreneur magazine.

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