Simplify Employee Evaluations

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Employee evaluations are no easy task for busy managers, are they? Well, here’s how to simplify this process and come out with great results.

A seasoned manager meets with their staff on a one-on- one basis weekly or bi-weekly to review how they are doing on top-tier projects as well as how things are going with their professional development. This is the time to correct unfavorable behavior and make recommendations for improvements.

Having these conversations frequently makes it much easier to talk through sticky situations because it’s like anything else, practice makes it easier. Back up your conversations in writing and hang onto them, so when it comes time for evaluations you’ve already had the discussions, and have it in writing to pull from to make future recommendations.

Nothing in an evaluation show be a surprise. It’s the year end recap of what you’ve already covered.

Be brave and cover it all year long–you’ll have stronger players and make your life easier.

Written by Robin McLoughlin

McLoughlin is experienced in developing brand, marketing and creative strategies with extensive in-house leadership expertise building new teams and processes. She has led several rebrand efforts and also writes and speaks on creative leadership topics throughout the industry.

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