How to Master Your Project Launch Process

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For many creatives and marketing teams, the creative brief has been the end-all, be-all of the project launch process for a long time. But according to the Content Marketing Institute, today’s industry demands 76% more content than before—and the traditional creative briefing process can’t keep up with that velocity. That’s why the most successful teams are embracing a new approach to project launch.
This new eBook combines industry research with expert input from some of today’s top creative and marketing professionals to bring you everything you need to perfect your team’s project launch process.
You’ll learn:

  • Going beyond the traditional creative brief
  • Defining the creative brief the assignment brief
  • Best practices for mastering the assignment brief

Kicking projects off right the first time means better creative, faster. Download Perfecting Project Launch to get started!
Perfecting Project Launch is brought to you by the workflow experts at inMotionNow, who help in-house creative teams do more of the work they love with the inMotion creative workflow management solution. Want to perfect more of your creative production process? Check out their additional resources.

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