Introduction to Innovation By Design

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“Irish companies that use design are more successful than those that do not. This fact was borne out of research published by the Centre for Design Innovation in the beginning of 2007. The challenge was to create a practical approach and tools that organisations could use to innovate and grow.

The result was Innovation by Design, an 18-month programme of workshops, research and mentoring for six Northwest organisations that began in June 2007. Precision toolmaker. Agricultural co-operative. Software developer. Third level institute. Airport. Heavy machinery manufacturer. Six very different organisations across six very different sectors; yet all with the common goal to grow their businesses.

Within 15 months different participants have launched new brands; generated hundreds of ideas; explored new markets; created prototypes for new products; redesigned their product development processes; delivered new and enhanced services to their customers; briefed and contracted design agencies; and one even renamed their company. Everyone has applied a design approach to understanding customers’ needs first, which is key to identifying the right ideas to commercialise.

But don’t take our word for it, read about Avenue Mould Solutions, Connacht Gold, Infacta, Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland West Airport, and Mantis Cranes to see what they have accomplished. In the end, success of the programme will be judged by the companies that took part and these are their stories in their own words.”

Expand your mind and read more from this 72-page booklet published in September 2008 by the Centre for Design Innovation in Sligo, Ireland.
Justin Knecht, Programme Manager working with the Centre, serves on the InSource Advisory Board and invites all InSource members to explore six case studies that show the power of user-centered design.
Innovation by design – Irish companies creating competive advantage by Centre for Design Innovation

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