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This month we get some InSight from Randy Hunt, Creative Director at ETSY, and past panelist at our 2013 signature panel event on the in-house / outside agency relationship.

  1. Your full name:

    Randy J. Hunt

  2. Where do you work? What does your company do?

    I work at Etsy, a global market for creative entrepreneurs around the world who connect with shoppers to buy and sell unique goods. We nurture the community, build the software and tools that connect them, provide education and training, and celebrate the stories of a more fulfilling and lasting view of commerce.

  3. What types of services do you specialize in?

    Our design organization is broad and deep: it covers research, writing, art direction, interface and user experience design. I’m also responsible for our brand marketing group which includes brand partnerships, content marketing, and the use of our social channels.

  4. How many people make up your team?

    There are four groups within design at Etsy: product design (the software product), brand design (communication design, events, art direction, video), research, and brand marketing. In total, among those 4 groups, we’re nearly 70 people…and growing.

  5. Your title/role within the company:

    I’m the Creative Director here at Etsy. I’m the voice of design in the business leadership, and the voice of the business in the design and brand leadership.

  6. Share a best-practice leadership experience:

    My responsibility to the design team is to create excitement and clarity. I often use that as my own inspiration and filter. I have to make sure I’m doing those two things, in the service of the business and our community.

  7. What are you working on now that you’re excited about?

    I’m really excited about strategic planning for 2015 (and beyond). I’m currently drafting some aspirational descriptions of design at Etsy in 2017 and 2020.

  8. If you could share one piece of advice for an up-and-coming creative leader what would it be?

    Don’t assume you’re right.

  9. What inspires you?

    Mostly, life outside of design.

  10. What is the first thing you do each day to organize yourself?

    I review my “Inbox” in Omnifocus. You can read more about my somewhat obsessive organization methods here:

  11. Have you noticed any changes or trends for in-house creative in the past year?

    This is my first role as part of an in-house team, so my reference points are more observed than experienced. It does seem that more and more companies are embracing the power of an in-house team’s ability to build a design organization and brand experience over the long term. Agencies, partners, and contracts all have their role, but an in-house team that’s part of the culture and invested in the success of the company in the same way as their other partners in the company is a great foundation on which to build a great body of work.

  12. Where were you born?

    Rockledge, FL, which is on the Atlantic Coast near Cape Canaveral. In its heyday, the area was all government contractors in defense and the space programs.

  13. Where do you live now?

    I live in New York City and Hudson, NY.

  14. What is your favorite indulgence?

    Probably a good documentary, a glass of wine, my wife and my two dogs, all just hangin’ out together.

  15. What was your very first job?

    I was a telephone tech-support technician for a dial-up internet service provider.

  16. What do you plan to do when you retire?



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