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This month we kick off a new series where we get insight into the people within the InSource network. These InSights, as we are calling them, are aimed at providing just a little information about who is in our network, and what makes creative leaders tick.

This month, we get some insight from a new InSource board member Clarissa Zorr, who answers our questions from the standpoint of an experienced creative leader who is just getting into the in-house world. So without further ado, with would like to introduce…

  1. Why did you choose to join the board of InSource?

    The natural progression in my career is to join an in-house creative department to provide strategic, management and creative guidance. In-Source is a great place to learn, share knowledge and best practices for creative leaders.

  2. What do you hope to accomplish during your term as Director of Brand and Design?

    My goal is to help position InSource as a global network for creative business leaders by creating a vision for the brand based on the real needs from our members.

  3. How long have you been working in the creative industry?

    13+ years

  4. Where do you work?


  5. Your title/role within the company:

    Creative Director

  6. How many people do you manage?

    2 designers, 1 production artist, 1 developer

  7. What services does your team provide?

    Branding, advertising, marketing services from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.

  8. Share a best practice experience:

    I feel it’s imperative to collaborate and brainstorm with other people – team members, clients, photographers, developers, rock stars – because bouncing ideas off one another, and building on each other’s thoughts and strengths leads to energizing conversations and ultimately unprecedented solutions.

  9. What are you working on now that you’re excited about?

    I’m wrapping up an internal communications project for a major beauty brand that includes identity development, brand guide, instructional materials, templates and all kinds of other goodies – I can’t wait for it all to come together!

  10. If you could share one piece of advice with another in-house creative leader, what would it be?

    Uhmmm… this is not necessarily for another in-house creative leader, but for creatives in general:

    1. Be kind and graceful to everyone at every level,

    2. Trust your gut, and

    3. Design is subjective.

  11. What inspires you?

    Honestly… this will sound sappy, but my 22-month old daughter inspires me more than anything. She learns something new every single day – a new word, a new activity, a new feeling – when was the last time we learned something completely new?

    She inspires me to learn something new everyday, and I strive to foster this continuous learning experience throughout her entire life. Amo você, Bianca!

  12. Where were you born?

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Cidade Maravilhosa!!!

  13. Where do you live now?


  14. What is your favorite indulgence?

    Chocolate, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate lava cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate fountains… should I keep going!?

  15. What talent do you have that most people may not know you possess?

    I can sing… even though my husband doesn’t agree with that and leaves the room whenever I start warming up my vocal cords.

  16. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

    Go to the beach, weather permitting, and hang out with my baby girl, husband and 3 Italian Greyhounds.

  17. What inspired you to become a design leader?

    I’ve been very lucky to have amazing leaders and mentors in my personal and professional life. I’ve received great guidance and knowledge from them and I feel that at one point in your life, you should try to pass on that wealth of inspiration and experience to an eager generation.

  18. If you could be doing something else with your career what would it be?

    Working as an in-house creative leader, with other rock stars that are always pushing the envelope and not making the logo bigger.

  19. What was your first job?

    My very first job, was working at a bagel shop, but I believe the question is related to my first design job – I started as an intern for an amazing branding agency, working for an amazing Creative Director, community leader, educator, and best dressed man ever. I had the honor of staying there for quite a few years, working my way up to Senior Designer.

  20. What did you get your degree in?

    Graphic Design

  21. What is your favorite food?

    Rice and beans. Homemade pasta (made by me) is a close second.

  22. What is your favorite vacation spot?

    Anywhere warm… white sandy beach, clear, blue ocean with lots of cold beverages.

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